Additive Manufacturing


The area of Additive Manufacture is researching the most advanced aspects and industrial applications related to the direct laser sintering of metal powder and the laser lithography systems for 3D micro-fabrication. The research activities are carried out in close collaboration with manufacturing companies, technology providers and international research centres. Availability of state-of-the-art equipment (e.g. Manudirect LMS 550 and Nanoscribe’s Photonic Professional) as well as close integration with other research areas in the precision- and micro-manufacture domain provide a sound scientific and industrial value to the innovative research approaches developed in this framework.

The main current research topics are:

  • fabrication of multi-material (gradient) micro-parts;
  • influence of process parameters on part accuracy in the direct-laser-sintering process;
  • advanced monitoring and control strategies of the direct-laser-sintering process;
  • fabrication of 3D micro- and nano-scaffolds;
  • design and fabrication of 3D micro- and nano-fluidics and elements for lab-on-a-chip systems;
  • mechanical meta-materials;
  • micro-optics.


Paolo F. Bariani

Full professor
+39 0498276818

Saeed Khademzadeh

PhD Student

Federico Mazzucato

PhD student

Riccardo Manzetto

Laboratory technician
+39 3280255232


VQR 2004-2010

20th January 2014
The research group of Precision Manufacturing Engineering was evaluated as 1st for the results of the research in Italy
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