Polymer Processing


The area of Polymer Processing is researching advanced capabilities in injection moulding, focusing on precision moulding process modelling and development, both at micro and macro scale, as well as hybrid forming process engineering. The excellent contacts with several companies, mainly active in the automotive, biomedical and electronic industries, together with the availability of outstanding facilities strengthen our researchers’ competencies in problem solving and technology transfer.


Current research lines focus on:

  •  development of technological solutions for rapid variation of mould temperature and study of their application to the injection moulding of high-quality (e.g. weldless and high gloss) or thin-wall parts;
  • development of new forming processes for polymer-metal and polymer-composites hybrids;
  • investigation and modelling of the welding process between composite laminates and overmoulded polymers in hybrids forming, with particular focus on the weld strength dependence on process conditions;
  • study of fibre damage in plastication and injection of reinforced plastics;
  • modelling injection moulding of bonded magnets;
  • study of moulding and additive processes for preceramic polymers containing micro- and nano-sized reactive particles.



Paolo F. Bariani

Full professor
+39 0498276818

Giovanni Lucchetta

Associate professor
+39 0498276710

Luca Crema

PhD student

Ruggero Giusti

PhD student

Marco Sorgato

Research associate

Riccardo Manzetto

Laboratory technician
+39 3280255232


VQR 2004-2010

20th January 2014
The research group of Precision Manufacturing Engineering was evaluated as 1st for the results of the research in Italy
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